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Your Movement Solution Specialist

Kinetic Integrations encompasses injury management, coaching, neuroscience, anthropology, motor learning and motor control, using a performance and movement solutions approach. Its real-world strategies fosters innovation and creativity, providing meaningful experiences to its clients.



Guido is an experienced international educator, clinician, strength coach, and consultant.

He provides evidence-based sports medicine and exercise science lectures and workshops.

He can deliver patient care and professional advice services.



Online consultations for patients and athletes using zoom

Guido van Ryssegem


Learn and practice evidence-based topics developed by Guido Van Ryssegem himself. Current research and science will be presented, together with ample practical experience and pearls through years of experience. All workshops are hands-on, changing your practice the next day. Guido’s workshops are taught internationally and recognized by organizations such as EXOS and Perform Better.

Guido Van Ryssegem


On-site training is the way to go when you want your staff to increase their knowledge and skill level. Such as  MLS team Portland Timbers, you will benefit from a personalized workshop specific to your needs, space and time.