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Kinetic Integrations Corrective Exercise Specialist Workshop

Kinetic Integrations Corrective Exercise Specialist Workshop

The philosophy behind Kinetic Integrations began at Oregon State University and is rooted in the concept that the body operates through a kinetic chain where each part is connected and affected by another part. Since every part of the body is connected, any weak link will affect the whole chain. Ignoring this concept will eventually insult the body and lead to injury and frustration of not obtaining optimal health. Guido Van Ryssegem, creator of the KI Approach, believes the best way to learn and practice the Kinetic Integrations system is through its understanding, complete hands-on training and certification process.

The Kinetic Integrations Exercise Professionals (KIEP) Certification Program is a weekend workshop. This unique program is designed for health and exercise professionals seeking to broaden their theoretical and practical knowledge on how to resolve movement dysfunctions associated with injury, a sedentary lifestyle, repetitive movement or incorrect movement patterns. So many individuals cannot return or exceed their activity level and goals because of these dysfunctions. The KIEP Certification Program will teach you the science behind these problems while equipping you with the practical skills to help your clients in the future.

During the certification process, not only will you learn the science behind movement dysfunctions and the KI exercise methods, you will also be able to diversify your knowledge in the following areas: injury healing, motor learning, motor control, the kinetic chain concept, injury-based corrective and modified exercises, postural and balance repair, and relieving disability.

  • Target Audience

    Personal Trainers, Fitness professionals

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