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Workshop 3: How To Resolve Shoulder Problems

Workshop 3: How To Resolve Shoulder Problems

This advanced workshop focuses on shoulder pain and how it connects to the rest of the body through the trunk. Basic anatomical, kinesiology and biomechanics will be discussed related to the shoulder. The concept of muscle stabilizer and mobilizer functions related to the upper extremity will be explored. Science and practical application on how to resolve movement dysfunctions associated with shoulder pain will be discussed and practiced. This workshop is complemented by the Foundations ebook

The Workshop Attendant will

  • Understand the anatomical components of the upper extremity structure and function.
  • Be able to describe how our shoulder functions.
  • Understand the different kind of shoulder injuries.
  • Be able to explain and understand the link between shoulder pain and the trunk.
  • Understand how shoulder pain affects neuromuscular control.
  • Understand how the different healing phases affect the shoulder.

  • Be able to describe and understand how to manage clients with a history of shoulder pain.
  • Understand the importance of the shoulder local and global stabilizers as well as mobilizers.
  • Learn the relationship between shoulder stability and movement.
  • Be able to understand and describe the relationship between the rotator cuff muscles and the shoulder blade stabilizers.
  • Understands why and how corrective and modified exercises affect the trunk.
  • Be able to identify and understand the KI progressive exercise model and how it applies to the upper extremity.
  • Be able to demonstrate all corrective and modified exercises associated with shoulder pain.
  • Target Audience

    Personal Trainers, Fitness professionals

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