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KI Movement Optimization - Essentials Workshop

KI Movement Optimization - Essentials Workshop

In the performance and rehabilitation industry there recently has been an interest in the so-called Dynamic Systems Theory (DST) and its Attractor State concept. This means that one elemental change within the human movement system will result in changing the whole system. For example, low back pain changes gait patterns and postural positioning and variability of the running gait cycle in trained vs. untrained runners differ.

The KI methodology is deeply rooted in the Dynamic Systems Theory concepts. As a species, we prefer stable, coordinated, and energy efficient state. This state is known within the DST as Attractor State. Herein, the attractor is defined as a stable state of the motor control system that leads to a preferred coordination pattern. For example, walking on a treadmill that gradually increases speed. When the treadmill velocity reaches a critical point, there is a shift in movement - a shift from walking to jogging. No central nervous system command or motor learning is needed to make that movement pattern change. KI uses the Attractor based exercises to correct faulty movement patterns for its populations.

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    Personal trainers, Strength and conditioning professionals

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