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Abdominal Bracing

The Abdominal Bracing method to stabilize the spine is based on the McGill philosophy of trunk stabilization. Often heavy weightlifters will use this method of stability as they feel they can exert maximum force out of this position.

To instruct your client to perform the Abdominal Bracing technique follow the following directions:

  1. Let your client stand in front of you with the lumbar spine in neutral.
  2. Stand behind the client
  3. With permission from the client touch them with the palms of your hands on the lateral abdominal region so that your thumbs are on the client’s inferior rib cage region and the 4th and 5th fingers are touching their iliac crest.
  4. Instructions: “Breath in and out normally. To accomplish Abdominal Bracing, stiffen your abdominal muscles, trying to lock your rib cage on your pelvis”. Now, relax and repeat this bracing maneuver.
  5. Cues: “Try to start to engage your abdominal muscles as if somebody is going to punch you in the gut”.