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Vibration Training Concepts

The moment I got introduced to our PowerPlate whole body vibration (WBV) equipment I got hooked on it. I wondered why doing just a simple stationary squat exercise made my legs tired after just 60 seconds of exposure and why some of my inflexible clients could magically touch their toes when reaching forward although they could not do that when not standing on the plate. The most amazing response I saw though was a client with diabetic peripheral neuropathy causing pain and loss of sensation in her feet for years. In fact she had to wear special shoes or otherwise she was unable to walk with a normal gait pattern. After a one session 5 minute exposure her pain magically disappeared and normal gait restored for two hours. In sum, exposure to WBV can dramatically change somebodies function and lifestyle.

WBV Exposure

Lets explore of what happens when our body gets exposed to WBV. The body’s natural stretch reflex kicks into high gear when exposed to it as if it is trying to resist being thrown around at a very high rate. This is done reflexively (unconsciously) to maintain the body in an upright position. The predominant muscles involved here are the fast-twitch muscle fibers of the postural musculature. This is actually believe to occur at higher levels that during most strengthening exercises.

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