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Understanding Pain

Kinetic Integrations respects pain as pain makes us change to way we move and stabilize our body; in fact, pain creates movement dysfunctions. Now, for normal movement to return not only pain but also the behaviors it effects must be resolved.

What is Pain?

Pain is essentially an early warning sign that alerts us that damage to tissues is happening and without this warning, serious bodily harm could happen. Actually, KI believes that this reflexive response to noxious stimuli is a major evolutionary drive for survival and plasticity of the nervous system as it helps us to detect and remember danger. Just imagine if we would not learn from our painful experiences and thereby not avoid past and present dangers? Personal survival would be short-lived, wouldn’t it?

Pain is often initiated by specialized sensory nociceptor fibers innervating peripheral tissues such as the skin. A couple things happen almost simultaneously when this response kicks in gear:

  1. Nociceptor fibers cause a sensory flow activates neurons in the spinal cord which projects it to the cortex in the brain, eliciting pain.
  2. Nociceptive input activates reflex withdrawal, an increase in arousal as well as an emotional, autonomic and neurohumeral responses.

Often I see fear in working with clients that return to simple activities such as stepping down from a stool. Do you see similar responses with your populations?

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