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Abdominal Hollowing

The Abdominal Hollowing method to stabilize the spine is based on the Richardson philosophy of trunk stabilization. Often rehabilitation and exercise specialists will use this method of stability as they feel that trunk stabilization retraining should start with reestablishing local lumbar stability first.

To instruct your client to perform the Abdominal Hollowing technique follow the following directions:

  1. Let your client lay down on the floor or on a treatment table in a supine hook-lying position.
  2. Stand next to the client.
  3. Ask the client to put both of their hand on their lower abdominal region at he level of their belly button.
  4. With permission from the client put your hand on top of their hand as if covering their belly button. Note: if you stand on their right side, use your right hand. If on their left side, use your left hand.
  5. Instructions: “Breath in and out normally for a few breaths until relaxed. To accomplish Abdominal Hollowing, draw your belly button towards your spine at about 30% intensity – hold this position for 10 seconds. Now, relax and repeat this maneuver.
  6. Cues: “Try to suck in your belly button as if you walk on the beach in a bathing suit”.