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Lumbar Spine With Low Back Pain

A wise man once said “if you know where you come from, then you know where you are going.” In other words “if you know your past, you know your future.” Both quotes are definitely applicable for those dealing with clients to prevent or treat low back pain. So, where is this exercise rational coming from?

In the 1980’s Bergmark undertook a mechanical engineering approach to the study of the lumbar spine. He wanted to assess the role of the trunk musculature in providing stabilization for the lumbar spine and the specific forces applied to it by different muscles. Using this approach, he divided the musculature acting on the lumbar spine into two groups: local and global muscles. The global muscles such as the erector spinae and rectus abdominus was felt to transfer load between the thoracic spine and pelvis. The local muscles act directly onto the spine and are attached directly onto the vertebrae (eg. multifidi).

Functionally, the global musculature was felt to balance the outer loads on the body, while the local muscles controlled the loads within the lumbar spine.

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