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Breathing Patterns Become Dysfunctional After Low Back Pain

Kinetic Integrations has observed that clients who have suffered from low back pain will reflexively change their breathing pattern and will become abdominal breathers, creating a breathing movement dysfunction. Associated with this incorrect breathing pattern is a deactivation of the lumbar spine multifidus muscle.  As that muscle aids to the local stabilizing task of the spine while also assisting in giving proprioceptive feedback to the brain it is critical that normal breathing gets restored. KI actually believes that correct breathing patterns are a necessity not only to restore MT action and function, but that its corrective exercise strategies are the foundations of optimal lumbo-pelvic stability. Directly related to this is the TrA muscle dysfunction in the same population.

For example, in non-injured individuals activity of the diaphragm and TrA muscle is initiated prior to rapid limb movement such as throwing a ball. Research has found that if a client holds their breath while contracting their abdominal muscles, activation of the TrA is delayed; this breath-holding pattern is often seen in clients with back pain as well.  Since activation of the TrA is necessary for spinal stability-thus effecting posture-respiration during exertion reinforces this stabilizing function. Health and Exercise Professionals should be aware of this and correct their clients breathing movement dysfunction through the KI corrective exercise strategies.