Certification Professional Standards

Code of Professional Conduct

Safe Recovery, LLC has written its Code of Professional Conduct to assist you, as a Certified Member, to maintain the highest levels of professional and ethical conduct. This code reflects levels of commitment and integrity necessary to ensure that all Kinetic Integrations Certified Members provide the highest level of service and respect for their colleagues, partners, populations, and the general public.

Each Certified Member must provide optimal professional services and demonstrate excellent care of their populations. Each member shall abide by the code of professional conduct and shall also:

  • Conduct himself/herself in a manner that merits the respect of the public, their colleagues, and Safe Recovery.
  • Treat each colleague and population with the utmost respect and dignity not making false or derogatory assumptions concerning the individual’s practices.
  • Use appropriate and professional communication in verbal, non-verbal and written transaction.
  • Provide and maintain an environment that ensures population safety and requires the Certified Member to:
    • Not diagnose or treat any illness or injury unless:
      • To provide basic first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
      • The Certified Member is legally licensed to do so.
  • Not train populations with a diagnosed health condition, unless:
    • The Certified Member has been specifically trained to do so, is following procedures prescribed and supervised by a licensed medical professional.
    • The Certified Member is legally licensed to do so.
  • Not train a client prior to receiving and reviewing a current health history questionnaire signed by the client. (DOM: we need to discuss what we will take from the case study’s Investigative Model)
  • Refer the population to the appropriate medial practitioner when the Certified Member is not legally licensed themselves and becomes aware of any population:
    • Changes in health status or use of medication.
    • Undiagnosed illness, injury or risk factor.
    • Unusual pain or discomfort during or after an exercise session.
    • Refer the population to an appropriate practitioner when nutritional, supplemental, counseling or physiological advise is requested, unless the Certified Member has been specifically trained, or is licensed to do so.
    • Maintain a level of personal hygiene and dress code that is appropriate for the health and exercise industry.
    • Remain in good standing and maintain current certification and recertification status by acquiring all necessary continuing education requirements in a timely manner.


Each Certified Member must respect the confidentiality of all population information while obeying federal and state laws, including HIPAA and FERPA. The Certified Member shall protect the population:

  • Confidentiality in any communication, including conversations, advertisement and a verbal, non-verbal or written manner.
  • Who are minors by law or are unable to give voluntary consent by securing the legal permission by the appropriate third party or legal guardian.
  • Store and dispose of population records in a secure manner.

Legal and Ethical

Each Certified Member must comply with all legal requirements within its applicable jurisdiction. In their professional role, the Certified Member shall:

  • Obey all local, state, federal and/or providence laws.
  • Accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Maintain accurate and truthful records.
  • Respect and uphold all existing publishing and copyright laws.

Business Practice

Each Certified Member must practice with honesty, integrity and lawfulness. In their professional role, the Certified Member shall:

  • Maintain adequate liability insurance.
  • Maintain adequate record keeping, including population exercise progress notes.
  • Accurately and truthfully inform the public of services offered.
  • Honestly and truthfully represent all professional qualifications and affiliations.
  • Advertise in a manner that is honest, dignified and representative of services that can be delivered.
  • Comply with all local, state, federal or providence laws regarding sexual harassment.

In Sum

Safe Recovery expects each member to uphold this Code of Professional Conduct in its entirety. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to, suspension or determination of membership and/or certification. All members are obligated to report any unethical behavior or violation of the Code of Professional Conduct by other certified KI members.