Certification Examination

Kinetic Integrations is an advanced approach (to what?) developed through 17 years of innovation, integration, groundbreaking research, and the review of the scientific literature. At its core, KI explains predictable patterns of movement dysfunction and their associated corrective exercise programs.

The KIEP certification examinations provide a measure of competency for professionals and employers in the area of health and exercise. All certification exams are divided into two parts: a theory portion and a practical portion. This division ensures that theoretical knowledge and practical application can be tested for exclusive competency. The KI materials are tested through the application of modules, allowing for a systematic approach of teaching and examination.

Exam Questions and Assignments

The KIEP certification exam is comprised of two exams: a theory exam and a practicum exam. These exams are “take home exams,” which means that the Candidate can complete them at their own leisure. Safe Recovery, LLC has chosen this exam format due to proven studies indicating that it helps Candidates to retain information and study each topic/modules discussed in the certification materials.

Theory Exam

The theory exam is comprised of a list of questions. These questions are divided into true, not true, or open-ended questions. These questions assess the Candidates’ ability to solve problems and test the ability to recall knowledge. The theory exam contains 60 questions.

Practicum Exam

To complete the KIEP learning experience, Safe Recovery has included practical assignments to test each Candidate’s practical competency. These practical assignments are based on the case studies from the practicum classes. In order to successfully complete the practicum exam, the Candidate is advised to find a volunteer to practice the KIEP corrective and modified exercises with until they are perfected.

Anatomy of the Exams

Theory Exam

The KIEP theory exam contains 60 questions. From the date of the last module the Candidate has 6 weeks to complete and mail their theory exam to Safe Recovery for certification.

Practicum Exam

The KIEP practicum exam is comprised of video clips where the Candidate can demonstrate their skills acquired through the KIEP practicum classes. From the date of the last class the Candidate has 6 weeks to complete and mail their practicum exam to Safe Recovery for certification.

The practicum exam video clips will be copied by the Candidate to a portable USB drive (“flash drive” or “thumb drive”) and mailed to Safe Recovery for review. The Candidate will be evaluated on instruction and demonstration techniques as well as the selection of the exercises appropriate for the case study provided. This will include competency in the KIEP sequential learning tactics as learned in the practicum class.

Exam Preparation

It is the goal of Safe Recovery that every exam Candidate has the best opportunity and chance to pass their KIEP certification exams. To pass this certification exam, Safe Recovery advises the Candidates to:

  • Thoroughly review the KI Certification Handbook,
  • Review the KIEP modules,
  • Practice information retention and knowledge by completing the KIEP quizzes,
  • Practice and role-play the KI corrective and modified exercises,
  • Study and retain all the module information.

Exam Results

Safe Recovery will inform the Candidate via email of whether or not they have successfully passed their certification exam. As a follow-up, Safe Recovery will then mail the Candidate their written exam so that results can be reviewed. This post-exam review will help the Candidate prepare to retake the KIEP certification exam if required.

Passing the Exam

Upon successful completion of the KIEP final certification exam, Safe Recovery will send a Certificate of Completion within approximately 6 weeks following the last module.

Grading Scale

Candidates must achieve a total score of 70% or better to pass each program theory and practicum examination. After achieving a passing grade, you will receive your certification.

Exam Confidentiality

To maintain the security and integrity of the certification exam, examination materials are not available for review nor can they be shared by others.

Score Appeals

Safe Recovery reserves the right to reject any Candidate that does not meet eligibility requirements.

Candidate Appeals

Candidates are permitted to email comments to Safe Recovery regarding their exams or exam questions. An appeal may be made to have an exam rescored. Safe Recovery will review all appeals or comments related to the exam, but will only respond to those comments as needed.

Retesting Procedures

Candidates who did not pass their certification examination are eligible to retake their exam at another time within 6 months of their first exam. The cost associated with re-examination is $125. After this 6-month period, the Candidate must resubmit its candidacy.