Certification Continuing Education

Recertification is required to maintain certification status. Recertification and continuing education ensures continued knowledge and skill in the latest professional domains through continued education programs.

The Safe Recovery Board of Certification (BOC) has established a requirement of at least three continued education units (CEU’s) to be completed over a two-year reporting period to ensure a safe level of professional competency is maintained by the KIEP. This requirement can be met through different methods, including but not limited to, workshops and seminars, or the completion of home study and online course work.

Recertification Requirements

KIEP credentials must be recertified every two years, and it is recommend that all KIEP’s proactively seek recertification to avoid any lapse of certification. Recertification will be granted if the following criteria is met:

  • The Candidate accumulates the required number of CEU’s.
  • The Candidate pays the required recertification fee of $100.
  • The Candidate maintains a current CPR and FA certification or its equivalency.
  • The Candidate is in good standing with Safe Recovery.

OR, the Candidate repeats the certification examination.

Recertification Fee

Every KIEP credential holder is required to submit a recertification fee to Safe Recovery. This fee, paid every two years, is an administrative fee that supports activities related to the Safe Recovery Board of Certification. The recertification fee is $100. An additional $35 late recertification fee will be charged if recertification application is received up to 30 days post-expiration.

Reporting CEU’s

You are due to get recertified in the spring (spring of what?). Prior to this time, you will receive an email reminding you to access the on-line KIEP Recertification Renewal Form and pay the recertification fee.

Recertification Renewal Reminders

Certification renewal information is included with your mailed certificate upon the successful completion of the KIEP certification exam. The most up-to-date information, including the recertification renewal form, is available at kineticintegrations.dev.

Safe Recovery will contact all of its Certified Members via email in the spring of the year they are due for recertification. As follow-up, Safe Recovery will also contact the member three more times during that year as a reminder to obtain recertification. It is the responsibility of the Certified Member to complete the KIEP recertification renewal form online at kineticintegrations.dev prior to the expiration date of the original certification. Please keep your email address up to date with Safe Recovery in order to ensure that you receive recertification information in a timely manner. If you have any questions about the recertification process, please visit our website at kineticintegrations.dev

The renewal fee covers a 24 month period starting from your day of certification.