Certification Best Practices

The KIEP Certification materials have been created for you to pass your certification. Each of its programs will help you create a solid foundation of current knowledge and practical skills around the art and science of resolving movement dysfunctions.


Read and study the assigned chapters and materials in your textbook. After you have finished your reading, complete the included questions and answers in the guide. The self-study guide will provide you with a solid foundation to pass your theory exams since most exam questions are based on the study guide’s questions and answers.

Organizing Your Time

As you study your program materials, you might find it helpful to follow the pointers on how to organize your time:

  • Prepare yourself by reserving time in your weekly schedule to study.
  • Establish a timeline to finish the course materials.
  • Reduce all possible distractions while studying.
  • Incorporate the skills you are learning into your personal workout program.
  • Practice on your volunteer client.
  • Mentally review what you have learned during your daily activities.

Tips on Test Taking

The KIEP examinations are comprised of open ended and true/false questions. The following tips on test taking may help you pass your exam:

  • Answer questions for those you know the answers immediately.
  • Re-read each question you have not answered.
  • Eliminate definitively wrong answers and use reason on the remaining choices. If you have studied the material, you should be able to choose the correct answer.
  • Only change answers if you absolutely know you have chosen the wrong one.