Certification Handbook

The Kinetic Integrations Exercise Professionals (KIEP) methodology provides effective and personalized management guidance by offering cutting-edge exercise intervention techniques and conditioning programs through a certification program. As a certified KIEP specialist, your goal is to correct your population’s movement dysfunctions, educate them for injury prevention, and, most importantly, help them fully recover using coherent educational tactics – the cornerstone of Kinetic Integrations (KI), a company of Safe Recovery, LLC.

The KIEP Certification Program is delivered as a distance learning or proctor-guided education model which offers quality education and preparation for advancing your career in the health and exercise industries.  We recommend you finish the KIEP certification program within a six-week period after registration. This will allow you to complete your certification in the optimum time frame of two weeks per class.

Preparation for your final KIEP certification exam includes selected readings, textbooks, a study guide, video clips, and homework.

Scope of Practice

The KIEP Certification Program is designed for a wide-range of experienced health and exercise professionals seeking to broaden their theoretical and hands-on knowledge to resolve movement dysfunctions during exercise and body conditioning.  Most of these professionals currently hold, or are actively pursuing, a degree in the health and exercise fields.

According to the Safe Recovery Certification Commission, an exercise professional such as a personal trainer can assess, educate, and train their population – but should refer someone to an appropriate medical practitioner when required.  So, when developing an exercise program for your population, we highly recommend that you design these programs within your scope of practice.  The KIEP Certification Program can help with this process.

Healthcare providers will stay within their scope of practice specific to their profession when applying the KIEP methodology.  Likewise, a KIEP will adhere to the Core and Program Strategies as an integral part of their program.