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  • Throwing Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder pain is a common complaint among baseball players, especially pitchers. Pain experienced during the throwing motion results in the inability to throw with velocity, causing what is commonly referred to as “dead arm” syndrome. The cause of pain is … Continue reading

  • Still Doing Swiss Or Physio Ball Exercises?

    The Swiss ball, is also known as  physioball, balance ball, birth ball, body ball, fitness ball, gym ball, gymnastic ball, Pilates ball, Pezzi ball, sports ball, stability ball, Swedish ball, therapy ball, or yoga ball. This ball is constructed of … Continue reading

  • Switching over to Working Out On Free-Motion Equipment?

    Within the overall category of strength training equipment, machines may be characterized as fully stabilized or unstabilized.  Fully stable devices, either fixed path or cable-based, offer full body support in the presence of a seat or a bench.  Unstabilized devices … Continue reading

  • Are Movement Dysfunctions Not Dysfunctional At All?

    Health and exercise professionals that apply corrective exercise strategies to their clients should ponder upon the following question: are movement dysfunctions really dysfunctional at all? If we look up the definition of the word dysfunctional, we soon realize that all … Continue reading

  • Training Ourselves Into Movement Dysfunctional Patterns?

    Kinetic Integrations emphasizes that Movement Dysfunctions are not only caused by pain or injury, but also because of a sedentary lifestyle, repetitive movements as well as incorrect movements. Although athletes and active individuals are not sedentary at all they are … Continue reading

  • Vibration Training Concepts

    The moment I got introduced to our PowerPlate whole body vibration (WBV) equipment I got hooked on it. I wondered why doing just a simple stationary squat exercise made my legs tired after just 60 seconds of exposure and why … Continue reading