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  • Lumbar Multifidi With Low Back Pain

    Several studies have been performed pertaining the lumbar multifidi (MT) in individuals with LBP. Starting 1994, Hides et al. reported finding significant ipsilateral atrophy in the lumbar multifidi in this population. Hides followed-up with similar subjects for 10 weeks and … Continue reading

  • Direction of Motion With Low Back Pain

    After Cresswell study on abdominal pressure, the Australians Hodges and Richardson studied the activation pattern of the trunk musculature associated with upper extremity movement. Subjects without low back pain (LBP), showed that the TrA was the first muscle activated and … Continue reading

  • Intra-Abdominal Pressure With Low Back Pain

    In the early 1990’s, a number of researchers looked at the role and activation patterns of the trunk muscles as they related to the concept of spinal stability. In Sweden, Cresswell et al. reported a series of studies indicating that … Continue reading

  • Indeperpedent Subsystems With Low Back Pain

    Panjabi et al. proposed a concept for understanding spinal stability, injury, dysfunction and recovery, asserting that there are three interdependent subsystems that function to stabilize the spine: the passive, active and neural subsystems: The passive musculoskeletal subsystem includes the spine … Continue reading

  • Lumbar Spine With Low Back Pain

    A wise man once said “if you know where you come from, then you know where you are going.” In other words “if you know your past, you know your future.” Both quotes are definitely applicable for those dealing with … Continue reading