Case Studies

Ying Lung Tseng

“ The Kinetic Integrations methodology was very well received here at the Taipei Physical Education College. Kinetic Integrations changes the way you think about movement and it’s dysfunctions. Our coaches, instructors and athletes loved the corrective exercise strategies and the scientific methodology behind it. The exercises are easily applied into our existing programs and can help athletes as well as the non-athletic populations to regain optimal movement while increasing their performance. One of our sprinters had a hamstring problem but through the application of the corrective exercises his symptoms disappeared in front of our eyes. Anybody that is serious of training athletes should study the Kinetic Integrations methods. I highly recommend this program.”

Dean Graduate School, Taipei Physical Education College, Taiwan 2009.

Junggi Hong

“Guido Van Ryssegem’s Kinetic Integrations approach is a sound model to resolve movement dysfunctions that is based on science and innovation. Since I started instructing our students here at at Willamette University in this method, they have seen the results on how to resolve disabilities. Postural and breathing pattern changes are noticed after just a few practices, laying the foundation to optimal health. Dysfunctional movement patterns are resolved easily by applying the Kinetic Integrations corrective exercises. Our students will take this knowledge and skills into their future careers of physical therapy, athletic training, medicine, personal training and performance training. This unique approach of resolving movement dysfunctions should be part of every health care and exercise professional.

Professor Exercise and Science Department, Willamette University, Oregon, USA 2010.

Nick Winkelman

Kinetic Integrations was developed by my mentor and close friend Guido Van Ryssegem. This man has quietly putting together his views on performance training for over 30 years. With experiences that range from professional baseball to developing a post-rehab training model for personal trainers, Guido has seen and done it all. I have never met someone who can digest so much information, filter that information against known sport science, and then simplify it for everyone’s benefit. KI is here to stay and will become and is one of the top resources for injury and rehab experts, personal trainers and strength coaches. You will not be disappointed…

Athletes Performance Director of Education and Program Development