Jessica Baker

Guido’s KI class is the best workshop you can attend. As a student who attended the KI workshop and later a KIEP, there is no classroom that could match the experience I gained. Guido is an extraordinary teacher and leader, which is illustrated in every workshop he teaches. Taking the workshop may seem like any other learning experience, but I guarantee you will leave with information and skills that can not be learned in any other environment. For me, this workshop opened up opportunities that I never knew existed and taught me skills that I will take with me throughout my life and career. Believe me, there will never be a dull moment in Guido’s KI workshop! He is awesome!

Kathryn Collins

The KIEP classes are awesome! Not only are the classes informative, Guido brings life to the material with humor and passion. Anyone wanting to improve personal training skills or just learn more about movement dysfunctions, this is the best class you can take. Every personal trainer should be required to take this class!

Gay Timken, PhD

“Students at Western Oregon University have been introduced to the training methodology of Kinetic Integrations and find the framework and foundation to be critical to
their understanding of human movement and training principles. We continue to incorporate this material into our Teaching Strength Training and Conditioning class to better prepare future fitness professionals and physical education teachers.”

Western Oregon University Assistant professor of Physical Education Teacher Education

Junggi Hong, PhD, ATC

“Guido Van Ryssegem’s Kinetic Integrations approach is a sound model to resolve movement dysfunctions that is based on science and innovation. Since I started instructing our students on this model they have seen it’s practical results on how to resolve disabilities.”

Willamette University Assistant Professor of Exercise Science